28 July 2020

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Vincent Capital strives to provide the highest quality, professional service, to our valued Clients. To further enhance our service offering, we have developed our Online Loan Review Platform.

The platform will allow our Clients to have access to their current loan balance and transactional information. The loan balance is updated daily and includes interest accrued to date.

When a loan is drawn down and fully implemented, our Clients will be given their unique and confidential log-in details. This will allow Borrowers to access the On-Line Loan Review Platform via a web browser from a mobile telephone or computer. A summary of our Clients accounts will be available, which will include the following account information:

  • Account name
  • Commencement Date of the loan
  • Maturity Date of the loan
  • Number of days until the Maturity Date
  • Interest Rate
  • Current Loan Balance

The transactional data is recorded from the inception of the loan and will include all fee’s, drawdowns, repayments and interest charges associated with the Loan Review facility. Each item is dated and has references for identification and ease of account reconciliation.

With our Borrowers permission, we can grant On-Line Loan Review Platform access to their professional team, such as the Accountant, Solicitor or Broker.

Vincent Capital maintains a strict management system to protect and ensure the privacy of this highly confidential information to our Clients.

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