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12 November 2021

A new construction loan to assist Auckland housing development

Housing development in Auckland is at a unique crossroads. With urgent need for new homes, there is also strong support from the Unitary Plan for small to medium-size construction projects. As a result, we are seeing huge demand (and a current gap in the market) for a funding product that enables medium-scale developers to move to market with speed, agility and profitability. That is why we have created our new Builder Loans product.
8 September 2021

Ninety Million Dollar Value Development Succeeds with Exclusive Funding from Vincent Capital

The gorgeous Victor apartments are situated in Auckland’s Browns Bay.  The complex, completed in June 2021, is valued at $90 million and has been exclusively funded by Vincent Capital. When the developer first approached Vincent Capital in 2019, we committed to provide full financial support for the project. Little did we know in this pre-Covid time, what lay ahead. However, we had committed to supporting the project and we stood by our word.
Planning for Construction Banner Black and White Vincent Capital
10 August 2021

Managing Cash Flow for your Project

Managing cash flow throughout a development project is one of the most important components for success. Understanding which costs occur and when, allows you to forecast and plan for the capital you’ll be needing.
Vincent Capital FAQ Feature
28 July 2021

FAQs for Non Bank Property Development Finance

Finance for property development has its own set of rules and language. The following FAQs will set the scene and help you ask the right questions when looking for finance for your next project.
19 July 2021

The Glen Apartments – Meeting a Need in Auckland’s North Shore

When Kevin Dang and his team at Evermark Holdings approached us and shared their plans for a residential development in the heart of Glenfield, we were excited! The development in Glenfield would offer desirable apartments at a more affordable price on Auckland's North Shore.
Vincent Capital Rob Kilpatrick Blog June 2021
25 June 2021

Property Development with Heart

From working in the poorest areas of Calcutta to Assistant Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Auckland and plenty in between, Rob Kilpatrick has covered a lot of ground in his seventy plus years. So, what leads a past Baptist Minister and social justice advocate to step into the role of property developer in Auckland?
Vincent Capital Blog June 16
15 June 2021

A Growing Company Supports a Growing City

As with so many new businesses, Vincent Capital started with a vision. This vision combined with plenty of hard work along the way has grown the business into a reality.
Vincent Capital About
15 February 2021

Vincent Capital Updates

It has been a stunning start to the new year. Already this year, the value of our new lending facility has reached $50,000,000, with more than 60% of the value of this new facility coming from existing clients.
Vincent Capital Lending Black and White
28 July 2020

Vincent Capital has launched our online loan review platform

The platform will allow our Clients to have access to their current loan balance and transactional information. The loan balance is updated daily and includes interest accrued to date.
Vincent Capital Business
3 April 2020

Vincent Capital remains fully operational

We understand that this is a very difficult and uncertain time for many and wish to reassure clients that we are here and will continue to provide borrowing options and support.

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