15 June 2021

Vincent Capital Blog June 16

As with so many new businesses, Vincent Capital started with a vision. This vision combined with plenty of hard work along the way has grown the business into a reality. The journey for Vincent Capital began in response to a real need for non-bank lenders and a dream to create something quite different. The organisation has grown and evolved quickly to reflect the relationship Kiwi’s have with property.

Starting small, the original Vincent Capital team consisted of three staff members and about the same number of clients. Based in the heart of the city, it didn’t take long before the business started to grow. Four years down the road, and the organisation has moved to larger offices, doubled the number of staff, grown their client base to over one hundred, and provided in excess of $800 million in property development and bridging loans over this time.

Leo Li, Managing Director, describes the way the client type has changed since the beginning. He says that initially the clients’ projects were medium to large sized, but over time a number of smaller sized development or construction projects have also been included. “It’s obvious that Kiwi’s love their property!” he says. “While the majority of our clients are experienced developers, there is a quickly growing number of clients who are embarking on their first development. We love assisting our clients regardless of their experience or the project size. We can provide them with the capital to get started, the construction funding, and we also have a wealth of property development experience within the team which we are always really happy to share”.

The majority of Vincent Capital’s clients keep coming back project after project. Their experience with the team is positive, and the success of their projects means they are in a position to move from one to the next. The success of these long term relationships comes down to the core values held by each and every member of the organisation. Leo says “We see integrity, professionalism and trust as essential components of the relationship we have with our clients and this underpins everything we do”.

When asked how the company might change in the future, Leo replies that technology is continually being integrated into their processes so that the customer experience continually improves. However, he feels it is the values of the company that drive its success, and they will not change. Clients are at the heart of the business, and our priority is to ensure their projects are successful.

With this ethos, it is no surprise that Vincent Capital appeals to developers of all types – from single house construction lending from $300,000 up to large scale developments with $100 million in lending. While a non-bank lender might not be the first thought for smaller developers, they are increasingly looking to options beyond the standard banks, especially when a lender is able to be flexible around their specific needs. Likewise, when developers are embarking on large scale projects, they are looking for the security and certainty that comes with a partnership approach.

Through the fast growth of Vincent Capital, the company is also doing its part to facilitate the development of housing to ensure more Kiwis can find their place in Aotearoa. If you would like to know more about non-bank lending, or speak to the team at Vincent Capital about your project, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us here or call us on +64 (0) 9 303 0368.

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